Indie Club

NationWide Disc knows it's important for you to have replicated discs when promoting your music. See why other musicians are choosing the Indie Club option for small quantity replication packages. For $49*, you can reserve exact reorders of replicated packages in quantities you can’t find anywhere else for HALF THE PRICE of what you pay today.*

How It Works

The Indie Club option allows you to get the replicated discs you need without investing in large quantities. Place an order for a qualifying replicated disc package, choose the $49 Indie Club option and reorder that same package within 6 months at 50% Off.

Order of 100 or 300: Get 50% off up to two reorders* placed within 6 months of the original order.

Order of 500: Get 50% off one reorder* placed within 6 months of the original order.

qualifying orders All qualifying orders must be replicated and meet the following criteria:

Quantities: 500 or less

Packages: Replicated discs and disc packages.

*Reorders must match the original order exactly. Changes cannot be made to your master disc, any artwork, or the quantity ordered.

*$49 reserve fee on most products, $79 on 8 panel or larger products.